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In My Dream

Poetry covers the earth
like a down blanket
that warms 
fingers in Afghanistan,
Uzbekistan, Georgia,
the West Bank, Gaza,
Israel, Africa,
the United States.

In my dream

Humility is a mansion
whose roof overseas
soldiers shedding guns
and whose rooms
house world leaders
shaking hands.

In my dream

Gentleness is no coward.
Love is borderless.
Beams of light have not replaced the two towers.
Danny Pearl is alive.

In my dream

Poetry raises children
who know peace.
                     - Esther Altshul Helfgott

A woman named 
had no place
to write
so she found
a space
inside her mind.

It invited her: Come sit down,
bring your pad of paper
and your pen.
The woman
listened to her mind.

She gathered up supplies
and climbed onto a limb.
There she sat
and spoke unto herself.
She said to those who died:
Meet with me.

That night
they set upon her lids.
When they left,
she found a room
to write in.
             -Esther Altshul Helfgott

Pantoum for Uncle Izzy
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Bellingham, c 1972, Chuckanut Drive

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